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Happiness IS….

Happiness is for me waking up to a kiln full of creations.  Coffee is a close second in the morning…LOL!  But when I pull my work from the day before out of the kiln you can’t wipe the smile off my face.  I have to rush them into their beauty routine right away to get them ready for their closeups.  Basically getting them off the mandrels, clean out the bead release from the holes.  The best part is putting the pieces together into a pendant.  Reveling in each new girl and her personality.  They are all unique and beautiful in my eyes.  This morning I pulled four girls from the kiln.  Here they are in all their uber cuteness!

fairy1a_diana_rast Frida7b_diana_rast Mermaid1_diana_rast Pirate_eyepatch2a_diana_rast


I have also been creating my own stencils this week.  I am teaching at Whim So Doodle this Saturday and my second class is creating a Mermaid Canvas. I decided to make some stencils available for students to use for the body.  I will show them how to draw a body, but for those who just need a little confidence builder!  I am super excited to see how they work out for the students.  I still need to cut two of them.  Stay tuned for updates after the class!

MermaidStencil1_diana_rast MermaidStencil1a_diana_Rast MermaidStencil1b_diana_rast MermaidStencil1c_diana_rast



Who knew?

So in my last post I talked about the evolution of my girls.  My last statement was about a Frida Kahlo version of my mermaid.  Well they have been selling as fast as I make them!  Who knew?  LOL!  I should have as I was gifted a tin one at a fabulous painting retreat I went to last year with Flora Bowley.  My first one looked really pissed off.  I have gotten all sorts of funny responses as to why… including she is pissed I gave her a muffin top.  Too Funny!

Frida1_diana_rast Frida2a_diana_rast Frida3a_diana_rast Frida4a_diana_rast

Right now I am not updating my Etsy store because I have a show coming up and I need inventory.   So if you see something on my blog or on my Facebook Page (Dizzy Bead) please let me know.  If it is available I will let you know or I will make you a custom one to your specifications.   Also for some reason I updated my worldpress and lost the sidebar on my home page.  I have manually put it on my blog posts.  Sorry for that confusion!

Pondering the Evolution

So today I am sitting here pondering the evolution of my work.  I have grown tremendously in the past couple of years.  I attribute it to deciding to start drawing and painting again.   My Art influences my glass and vice versa.  Jane Davenport Artomologist Extraordinaire is a great place to start for those looking to expand and grow in Art.  I have tried other online classes and hers are by FAR the best! Link on Home page to her classes.

I also stopped taking classes for Lampworking…. Why you ask?  Couple of reasons… 1.  I was alway comparing my work to those that I admired and I always fell short in my eyes. 2. Taking perpetual classes… I was always focused on perfecting that particular technique that I wasn’t finding my voice in the glass.  I think that is important finding your voice.  I think I am finally finding my voice and it is an Amazing feeling!

Last year I started by making Santa Ornaments at the request of a friend. Which turned into “Floridian” Santa complete with Bermuda Shorts and Sun Glasses!  This year I was asked to create another Ornament.  This time I chose Angels… which then evolved into adorable little Elves both boys and girls.

I was happily creating the Angel/Fairy and Elves until a wonderful lady named Mari said that I needed to make Mermaids since I am obsessed with them.  Those Mermaids then moved into the “Learn to Swim” series Mermaids complete with swim floaties!  Then Lisa Lavoie inspired my “Learn to Dance” series Mermaid.  Complete with Tutu and Combat Fins!

The next evolution came during a cold snap.  I was thinking how nice it would be to snuggle up in some Footie Pajama’s!  The “Sleepy Time” series was born.  This led to a more complex “Sleepy Time” girl holding her favorite stuffed animal complete with a Butt flap on the back of the PJ’s!

Then a good friend asked me quite innocently to make her a Pirate.  And Ideas started whirring in my head that I had to rush into the studio to make one right that minute.

Where will the girls go next?  I am thinking a Frida Kahlo Mermaid might be in the cards!  Who knows one of you might innocently give me the next big lightbulb moment!

IMG_0931 IMG_0938 IMG_0862 IMG_1973 IMG_0928 IMG_1100 IMG_0992 IMG_0990 - Version 2 IMG_1112 IMG_1096 IMG_1144 IMG_1150

Can’t wait to see where the girls lead me in the future!    Just a reminder that you can subscribe to my Blog on the Home page Link on the right hand side.