Happiness IS….

Happiness is for me waking up to a kiln full of creations.  Coffee is a close second in the morning…LOL!  But when I pull my work from the day before out of the kiln you can’t wipe the smile off my face.  I have to rush them into their beauty routine right away to get them ready for their closeups.  Basically getting them off the mandrels, clean out the bead release from the holes.  The best part is putting the pieces together into a pendant.  Reveling in each new girl and her personality.  They are all unique and beautiful in my eyes.  This morning I pulled four girls from the kiln.  Here they are in all their uber cuteness!

fairy1a_diana_rast Frida7b_diana_rast Mermaid1_diana_rast Pirate_eyepatch2a_diana_rast


I have also been creating my own stencils this week.  I am teaching at Whim So Doodle this Saturday and my second class is creating a Mermaid Canvas. I decided to make some stencils available for students to use for the body.  I will show them how to draw a body, but for those who just need a little confidence builder!  I am super excited to see how they work out for the students.  I still need to cut two of them.  Stay tuned for updates after the class!

MermaidStencil1_diana_rast MermaidStencil1a_diana_Rast MermaidStencil1b_diana_rast MermaidStencil1c_diana_rast



Addicted Me???? NO!!!!

Seems I am addicted to stencils lately!  My stash is growing and growing.  I have been airbrushing everything in sight.  My Art Journals are awash in bright Dye Na Flow colors.  I recently joined the Stencil Girl, Stencil Club.  Why Not Right?!  Here is the start of a Journal Page for a Round Robin I am doing.  Love the explosion of color!


On the Bead Making front….. I have been busy with Special order “Sleepy Time” girls with some Mermaids just because.  Have I told you yet that I am addicted to mermaids?  LOL well I am… Here are a few pictures of recent beads that I have made.

IMG_1049 IMG_1036 IMG_1060

If you would like to see video of me creating… I have a YouTube Channel.  Check it out.  I get told by people all the time that they had no idea how these beads were made.