Who knew?

So in my last post I talked about the evolution of my girls.  My last statement was about a Frida Kahlo version of my mermaid.  Well they have been selling as fast as I make them!  Who knew?  LOL!  I should have as I was gifted a tin one at a fabulous painting retreat I went to last year with Flora Bowley.  My first one looked really pissed off.  I have gotten all sorts of funny responses as to why… including she is pissed I gave her a muffin top.  Too Funny!

Frida1_diana_rast Frida2a_diana_rast Frida3a_diana_rast Frida4a_diana_rast

Right now I am not updating my Etsy store because I have a show coming up and I need inventory.   So if you see something on my blog or on my Facebook Page (Dizzy Bead) please let me know.  If it is available I will let you know or I will make you a custom one to your specifications.   Also for some reason I updated my worldpress and lost the sidebar on my home page.  I have manually put it on my blog posts.  Sorry for that confusion!

2 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. Von Rasty

    Really cool reading all of this. Of course I have front row seats. Love to watch your development in glass, drawings, and the business side of it.
    As I have mentioned a hundred times before, I always knew you had it in you.

  2. dizzydidi Post author

    You have been very supportive. Pushed me when I needed pushed even when I fought it tooth and nail…LOL It is a wonderful feeling to have you believe in me from the beginning. I am starting to get it I hope and I hope you will continue to push me to expand my artistic horizons. Even though I may grumble at first… I get there eventually! Ily too!


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