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Mushroom People are spouting up everywhere!

I recently went to St. Petersburg to take my bestie Andrea out to lunch for her birthday.  She wanted me to meet the new store owners next to her shop.  Chuck and Jack of Urban Roots on Central.  The have an amazing plant/gift shop.  We were talking about my work and the possibility of selling […]

Flower Fairies and more Glassy Goodness!

Here is what I have been working on in Glass.  I started making glass stands from bent mandrels that I can no longer make beads on.  Lots of people love my work but don’t feel comfortable wearing it.  So her is my solution…. Collectables     

I am still working away

It’s been another busy year for me.  I got to spend time with several of my Best Arty Friends in Seattle for some Amazing Watercolor classes at Daniel Smith.  The store is incredible!  My Mom and I had a wonderful time catching up with Bexs, Jane and Angus and on top of that met some absolutely […]

Inspired by Beads Of Courage

Beads of Courage For those of you that know me… You know that this organization is near and dear to me.  I had a sister pass away at the age of 2 due to a heart defect.  Please Check out the link at the top of the post to learn more about this awesome organization. […]

What an amazing Art filled year!

So much incredible art flowed in 2015!  What an awesome year it was. Here are some of my Art highlights from the end of the year. Both glass and from my Art Journal…

Another year flew by

I am amazed every year.  Time just seems to fly by and before I know it it’s December already!  How did that happen?  I had a jam packed year of traveling and Art retreats!  As usual Dr Cornelius accompanied me on my adventures. This year I went to London in October for an amazing Art […]

It’s been a whirlwind so far this year

  Things seem to be going nonstop this year.  It started off with Visits from My Dad and StepMom from St John USVI!  Then my Mom and StepDad came for a visit.  Mom and I went to Oklahoma for a Faster EFT seminar.  It was fantastic.  I learned a lot about myself and what my […]

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You can find Inspiration everywhere

I posted about some classes that I had taken not long ago with the Amazingly Talented Dina Wakley.  She said something in class that really struck a cord in me.  That as long as you have the features in the right spot you don’t have to have all the details.  While I knew this I […]

Disney Fans

A Customer on Etsy recently asked if I could make her a Minnie Mouse fan.  O.M.G! The wheels in my head started spinning right away.  Absolutely!  I made two different versions because after I did the first one my mind was automatically thinking where to improve.  She purchased both versions and wants a Mickey Fan […]