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What an Incredible March!

So as most of you know I was gearing up for my first EVER weekend Arts Festival.  We got to set up on Friday evening… When I arrived and signed in I was given slot number 25.  They had shoes/boots for every booth depending on your slot number.  I got the BEST boot in the whole show!  The Lucky Penny Boot.  And it brought me so much luck that I have vowed to bring it to every show I do.  This show was juried and I was completely unaware of that fact… LOL!!!  Till the judges showed up at my booth.  They ended up returning three times and one of the judges brought her husband back to see video of me working!  There was a big Artist Dinner Saturday Night with awards.  And I was so shocked that I got 3rd place!  Wow!  What an incredible weekend!



My Car all filled and ready to head out.


My Booth set up and ready to be filled Saturday Morning.  You can see the Lucky Penny boot by my table banner.  I was lucky enough to meet the young artist on Sunday! I told him how popular his creation was as we were getting lots of compliments.


Picture of me and one of my Helpers Michelle after I made my first sale.  My other helper Andrea snapped the shot.  Thank you both for all your help!


And me with my ribbon and trophy.  Hand made.  Love them!  And I can say I am an Award Winning Artist again!