Mushroom People are spouting up everywhere!

I recently went to St. Petersburg to take my bestie Andrea out to lunch for her birthday.  She wanted me to meet the new store owners next to her shop.  Chuck and Jack of Urban Roots on Central.  The have an amazing plant/gift shop.  We were talking about my work and the possibility of selling my work there.  Chuck mentioned something about mushrooms being on trend and I had a flash of inspiration!  Mushroom People!

They have been sprouting in my kiln the last couple of day.  The response has been fantastic!


Here are my first two… I am holding them so you get an idea of the scale.

img_5027 img_2363

And some more that have spouted in the last two days.  There will be more popping up in the future!

Flower Fairies and more Glassy Goodness!

Here is what I have been working on in Glass.  I started making glass stands from bent mandrels that I can no longer make beads on.  Lots of people love my work but don’t feel comfortable wearing it.  So her is my solution…. Collectables img_4513 img_4585 img_4648 img_4663 img_4685 img_4511

img_4461 img_4492

img_4888 img_4974


Inspired by Beads Of Courage

Beads of Courage

For those of you that know me… You know that this organization is near and dear to me.  I had a sister pass away at the age of 2 due to a heart defect.  Please Check out the link at the top of the post to learn more about this awesome organization.

One way to help is to buy Carry a Bead or Team Beads.  I am creating some at the moment and just wanted to share a little about an epiphany I had while making them.

I was asked to make as many as I could and have them to Beads of Courage by the end of the month.  The one prompt I was given was they want more shape… Normally they are the traditional donut shape.  My style is whimsical and sculptural anyway so I wanted to see how small I could make some of my favorite designs.  But as my work is mainly “girly’ stuff I wanted to come up with some unisex designs.

My epiphany is pay attention to what your are attracted to because ideas will come to you!  I was making little monkey faces and I kept looking at a stuffed Christmas Mouse my grandmother made that has a prominent place in my studio and an idea for a bead popped into my head.  The next day I was going through my email and normally I delete all the spam.  I was thinking about what to make that day and one of the emails jumped out at me is was for a scrapbooking place and one of new papers by Doodlebug inspired my Big Eyed Baby Octopi… So pay attention!!!! You never know when something will just come to you!

IMG_2105 IMG_2088

Christmas Mouse inspired Mouse beads

IMG_2067 IMG_2066

Wrist strap inspired owl beads which inspired the Totoro Beads

undertheseainspriation IMG_2104

scrapbook paper by doodlebug inspired Big Eyed Baby Octopi


IMG_2059 IMG_2058


Inspiration is Everywhere!  Just open your  eyes and heart and it will come.

What an amazing Art filled year!

So much incredible art flowed in 2015!  What an awesome year it was.

Here are some of my Art highlights from the end of the year. Both glass and from my Art Journal…










Diana Rast (@dizzybead) • Instagram photos and videos

See Instagram photos and videos from Diana Rast (@dizzybead)

Source: Diana Rast (@dizzybead) • Instagram photos and videos

Fire Fly’s and Egg Animals Oh My!

I have had an idea for a couple of months to create a FireFly with a Glow in the Dark Bottom.  I searched everywhere for COE 104 glass but everywhere was sold out.  I settled for the ground “enamel” type version.  It looks yellow but it glows blue.  I have had it in my studio staring at me for awhile now….LOL I kept picking up the directions looking at them and then putting them down and putting it off yet again.  Well I decided to just go for it the other day.  I don’t know why I was so hesitant… Anyway it was not as hard as I had imagined it to be!  So here she is making her Debut!  I will have to get a black light at some point to photograph their little bottoms Glowing!

Firefly1_diana_rast Firefly1a_diana_rast Firefly1b_diana_rast Firefly1c_diana_rast

Also I have been working on different Egg Animals.  They are so cute and fun to create.  So far I have done a Bunny, Cat, Hedgehog and a Beaver.  I have plans to make other animals in the future.


EggBeaver1_diana_rast EggBeaver1b_diana_rast.

EggCat1_diana_rast EggCat1b_diana_rast

EggHedgeHog1_diana_rast EggHedgeHog1b_diana_rast

Anatomy of a new Design…

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to come up with some new designs.  Easter is just around the corner and I have some really cute Girlamal Bunnies.  (To coin a term by Jane Davenport.)  Anyway I thought I had an awesome fun idea.  Looked cute in the quick sketch.  However the Design just wasn’t working for me.  I did however come up with a few new designs that are Super Cute!

So here is a little bit about my process.  When a new design pops into my head I do a quick pen sketch most of the time.  Unless I am at the torch melting glass and then I will just go for it.  Here is a picture of my most recent sketches for Easter.


The Egg People didn’t work very well.  I will keep it on the back burner because I might not have a solution now it might come to me down the road.

EggPeople1a_diana_rast EggPeople2a_diana_rast EggPeople3a_diana_rast

As for the Designs that have the best feedback… I have several Girlamals a Lil’Lambie, Chicken and a Duck.

Sheep_diana_rast Sheep7a_diana_rast Sheep9a_diana_rast Sheep11a_diana_rast chicken1_diana_rast duck1a_diana_rast

I still have one idea that popped into my head the other day and I drew it quickly on the bottom left hand side of the paper.  I was trying to solve the Egg Person problem and I thought look at it another way and thought… hmmmmmm use the egg shape to make animals.  I drew an idea for a rabbit.  There are lots of ideas floating around in my head right now… different animals etc… Stay Tuned they will probably be making their debuts very soon!

On another Note I have two shows coming up.  One is the Grand Hampton Fresh Market of County Line Rd in New Tampa on Feb 14th.  I am there every second Saturday of the month.  The second is on Facebook in a group called Glass Open Market.  My Show is on Feb 18/19th.  It is a great place to try your luck in an “Auction” type of setting to get my work.  Hope to see you there!  Also if you would like to follow me please take a minutes to subscribe!

Did you miss me?

It has been awhile since my last post….  I have been super busy with orders and shows.  I even managed to squeeze in an Art Retreat.  I got to spend time with one of my favorite peeps from Australia, Jane Davenport!  I have a link to her absolutely Fabulous classes on the sidebar.  Check her out, you will not be sorry!!!!


My last show was at Art-is-You Dixie. I also took a few classes.  It was my first ever big Art Retreat.  The also hold a trunk show so artists can sell there wares.  I participated and I sold almost every single mermaid that I made plus many other beads and pendants.  I was just in awe of the response to my work.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by and purchased or checked out my work!

We all received these great Name Tags at registration that were little pouches as well and great for your hotel key.  I love it!


What am I up to these days?  I am currently working on two very special projects.  One for Beads of Courage, another is with Jane Davenport.  Soon all will be revealed!  I am super excited about both projects.  In between orders I am trying to get stock pendants so I can fill up my Etsy store.  I will be listing the work that I had for the show that didn’t sell and new work very soon.

I am also working with a Cat rescue organization call Cat Crusaders.  I fell in love with a little 5 month old fur ball named Izzy.  She is now Lopo or Little Pooter head!  LP for short and she is in hiding.  She has huge bat ears that I know she will grow into…. I am looking forward to her antics once she feels comfortable and spends time out and about checking everything out.



Happiness IS….

Happiness is for me waking up to a kiln full of creations.  Coffee is a close second in the morning…LOL!  But when I pull my work from the day before out of the kiln you can’t wipe the smile off my face.  I have to rush them into their beauty routine right away to get them ready for their closeups.  Basically getting them off the mandrels, clean out the bead release from the holes.  The best part is putting the pieces together into a pendant.  Reveling in each new girl and her personality.  They are all unique and beautiful in my eyes.  This morning I pulled four girls from the kiln.  Here they are in all their uber cuteness!

fairy1a_diana_rast Frida7b_diana_rast Mermaid1_diana_rast Pirate_eyepatch2a_diana_rast


I have also been creating my own stencils this week.  I am teaching at Whim So Doodle this Saturday and my second class is creating a Mermaid Canvas. I decided to make some stencils available for students to use for the body.  I will show them how to draw a body, but for those who just need a little confidence builder!  I am super excited to see how they work out for the students.  I still need to cut two of them.  Stay tuned for updates after the class!

MermaidStencil1_diana_rast MermaidStencil1a_diana_Rast MermaidStencil1b_diana_rast MermaidStencil1c_diana_rast



Wow how times flies….

Here we are in 2014 and it’s Tax season already!  It seems like just yesterday I was doing my business taxes… First year I am showing a profit.  Exciting!  If I continue I will need to start paying myself a salary.  Weird… Who would have thought, but I guess being persistent is paying off.

On to more fun topics I recently made a trip to San Francisco to spend a lovely Valentines Day with my wonderful Husband.  I had a great time even with all the fog!


It was sunny where I was sitting and pea soup on the water!


That is “The Rock” lurking in all that fog.  I can’t even imagine being locked up there!

I worked on two art journal pieces in between long walks around the city and a visit to Dick Blicks for lots of new yummy art supplies!

IMG_1076    IMG_1075 

Right now I am frantically finishing up a Flamingo  that will be on display through out Florida this year for an Estuary Project to promote clean waterways.  I am calling her Fanny and she will be delivered on Friday.  Here is a progress picture.


I am also gearing up for two upcoming shows!  I will be at the Winthrop Arts Festival March 22 & 23rd.  It’s in Riverview FL.  Come on by and say hello if you get a chance!  I am also going to be at the Art-is-You Dixie Trunk show Wednesday April 30th 5pm to 9pm.  I am super excited about both shows!

I will post pictures of glass work in another post another day.  There will be lots of it.