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Fire Fly’s and Egg Animals Oh My!

I have had an idea for a couple of months to create a FireFly with a Glow in the Dark Bottom.  I searched everywhere for COE 104 glass but everywhere was sold out.  I settled for the ground “enamel” type version.  It looks yellow but it glows blue.  I have had it in my studio staring at me for awhile now….LOL I kept picking up the directions looking at them and then putting them down and putting it off yet again.  Well I decided to just go for it the other day.  I don’t know why I was so hesitant… Anyway it was not as hard as I had imagined it to be!  So here she is making her Debut!  I will have to get a black light at some point to photograph their little bottoms Glowing!

Firefly1_diana_rast Firefly1a_diana_rast Firefly1b_diana_rast Firefly1c_diana_rast

Also I have been working on different Egg Animals.  They are so cute and fun to create.  So far I have done a Bunny, Cat, Hedgehog and a Beaver.  I have plans to make other animals in the future.


EggBeaver1_diana_rast EggBeaver1b_diana_rast.

EggCat1_diana_rast EggCat1b_diana_rast

EggHedgeHog1_diana_rast EggHedgeHog1b_diana_rast

Anatomy of a new Design…

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to come up with some new designs.  Easter is just around the corner and I have some really cute Girlamal Bunnies.  (To coin a term by Jane Davenport.)  Anyway I thought I had an awesome fun idea.  Looked cute in the quick sketch.  However the Design just wasn’t working for me.  I did however come up with a few new designs that are Super Cute!

So here is a little bit about my process.  When a new design pops into my head I do a quick pen sketch most of the time.  Unless I am at the torch melting glass and then I will just go for it.  Here is a picture of my most recent sketches for Easter.


The Egg People didn’t work very well.  I will keep it on the back burner because I might not have a solution now it might come to me down the road.

EggPeople1a_diana_rast EggPeople2a_diana_rast EggPeople3a_diana_rast

As for the Designs that have the best feedback… I have several Girlamals a Lil’Lambie, Chicken and a Duck.

Sheep_diana_rast Sheep7a_diana_rast Sheep9a_diana_rast Sheep11a_diana_rast chicken1_diana_rast duck1a_diana_rast

I still have one idea that popped into my head the other day and I drew it quickly on the bottom left hand side of the paper.  I was trying to solve the Egg Person problem and I thought look at it another way and thought… hmmmmmm use the egg shape to make animals.  I drew an idea for a rabbit.  There are lots of ideas floating around in my head right now… different animals etc… Stay Tuned they will probably be making their debuts very soon!

On another Note I have two shows coming up.  One is the Grand Hampton Fresh Market of County Line Rd in New Tampa on Feb 14th.  I am there every second Saturday of the month.  The second is on Facebook in a group called Glass Open Market.  My Show is on Feb 18/19th.  It is a great place to try your luck in an “Auction” type of setting to get my work.  Hope to see you there!  Also if you would like to follow me please take a minutes to subscribe!