Inspired by Beads Of Courage

Beads of Courage

For those of you that know me… You know that this organization is near and dear to me.  I had a sister pass away at the age of 2 due to a heart defect.  Please Check out the link at the top of the post to learn more about this awesome organization.

One way to help is to buy Carry a Bead or Team Beads.  I am creating some at the moment and just wanted to share a little about an epiphany I had while making them.

I was asked to make as many as I could and have them to Beads of Courage by the end of the month.  The one prompt I was given was they want more shape… Normally they are the traditional donut shape.  My style is whimsical and sculptural anyway so I wanted to see how small I could make some of my favorite designs.  But as my work is mainly “girly’ stuff I wanted to come up with some unisex designs.

My epiphany is pay attention to what your are attracted to because ideas will come to you!  I was making little monkey faces and I kept looking at a stuffed Christmas Mouse my grandmother made that has a prominent place in my studio and an idea for a bead popped into my head.  The next day I was going through my email and normally I delete all the spam.  I was thinking about what to make that day and one of the emails jumped out at me is was for a scrapbooking place and one of new papers by Doodlebug inspired my Big Eyed Baby Octopi… So pay attention!!!! You never know when something will just come to you!

IMG_2105 IMG_2088

Christmas Mouse inspired Mouse beads

IMG_2067 IMG_2066

Wrist strap inspired owl beads which inspired the Totoro Beads

undertheseainspriation IMG_2104

scrapbook paper by doodlebug inspired Big Eyed Baby Octopi


IMG_2059 IMG_2058


Inspiration is Everywhere!  Just open your  eyes and heart and it will come.

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