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I have always been into the “Artsy Fartsy” stuff as my husband calls it, and began my career in Jewelry in 1986 at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. After four “interesting” years I received my BFA in metalsmithing in 1990. Soon after graduation, I found job with a Jeweler in Philly, but wanting to see the world, I left the trade to travel.

After several years in non-artistic jobs, the opportunity to explore my creative side presented itself again; in which I found beads and it just steamrolled from there.

Initially I started buying lamp work beads for my creations on eBay, I just loved the look and feel of them but hated the price.  The thought went through my head that if others could make these beautiful things, why not me?  So the adventure into bead making started in the summer of 2006.  After having set up my initial studio (in the basement), I had the fortune to work with and learn from various talented bead artists such as Melanie Moertel , www.melaniemoertel.de , Teresa Laliberte,www.lavendercreek.de  from Germany, and Donna Mehnertwww.blackberrybeads.com.  I recently took an amazing class with Claudia Trimbur-Pagel of www.glasting.com.  If  you ever get a chance to take a class, I recommend all of the above artist highly!

The possibilities working with glass seem endless, and I plan on exploring this medium to its fullest.  So many shapes, colors, and combinations, but so little time!

Past Classes:

Melanie Moertel 2006

Teresa Laliberte 2006

Donna Mehnert 2006

Jim Smirchich 2007

Melanie Moertel 2008 Teacher’s Assistant

Claudia Trimbur-Pagel 2009

Corina Tettinger 2010

Shows and Competitions:

Finalist 2005 Bead Dreams “Non Wearable” Category
“I have absolutely nothing to wear”

“We Come in Peace” Selected for “Beads in Space”  Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Mission 2010

“But I’m Harmless” Selected for “Beads in Space” Space Shuttle Endeavor Final Mission 2011

“Out of this World” Jewelry in the Space Age Exhibition at the Forbes Gallery March 16th~September 7th, 2013

Inducted into Beads of Courage Hall of Fame 2013

Winthrop Arts Festival Juried Art Show 3rd Place

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