Sketch de France with Jane Davenport

IMG_2486Or Dr Cornelius terrorizes Paris!  Either one works in this case.  I recently attended another Jane Davenport Escape Artist Retreat this one held in Paris.  Like all her retreats I learned a great deal.  There is just something about seeing and hearing the process in person.  Things just click in my mind.  They might have said it on video umpteen times but the connection didn’t spark.

We kicked off the retreat with a Segway tour through Paris.  The instructors told us we would all want one by the time we were finished and they were right!  So Fun!

IMG_2498 IMG_2521 IMG_2539 IMG_2554

The next day was another long exciting day with a bike ride through Paris.  I admit it was a bit daunting you had to be on your toes at all times.  People not paying attention and cars that didn’t want to stop were just a few of the hazards but we all survived and got some quick sketches in along the way.  Dr Cornelius posed for lots of pictures.  These are just some highlights from the bike tour.

IMG_2594 IMG_2597 IMG_2599 IMG_2620 IMG_2642

IMG_2612 IMG_2647

Another day another Bike tour in the pouring rain.  This time we took a train to Giverny and toured Monet’s Garden.  The sun came out on two occasions during this trip.  To let us have a really lovely picnic lunch on the banks of the Seine.  The second time was while we were in the Garden.  We quickly got in some sketching and watercolors.

IMG_2661 IMG_2684 IMG_2694 IMG_2697 IMG_2726 IMG_2730

The whole retreat was a blur of art and touring… museums and more art.  I need a vacation to recover from all of it!  Oh and Mr Sennelier came down to great us when we went to his store.  A feast for the eyes… lots of money was spent!


IMG_2651 IMG_2760 IMG_2885 IMG_2897

Just a few of the things I worked on while in Paris.

Oh and on another note entirely I found some awesome Gluten/Egg free French bread that made me so happy.  It wasn’t that dense tasteless stuff you find in the US.  I was dubious but I didn’t have a reaction.  The restaurant I found it in sold me a loaf.  YUM!



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