Another year flew by

I am amazed every year.  Time just seems to fly by and before I know it it’s December already!  How did that happen?  I had a jam packed year of traveling and Art retreats!  As usual Dr Cornelius accompanied me on my adventures.

This year I went to London in October for an amazing Art Retreat with the Fabulous Jane Davenport!  My Mom attended as well and we had an absolute blast with everyone and lots of yummy art was made by all.





I also came up with a very fun new design called the Creepy Cuties inspired the the art of Megan K. Suarez.  They were so popular that I had trouble keeping them in stock for awhile.  Needless to say there are now versions of them popping up by other artists.  They are super fun to make and so many ideas to explore with them.

CreepyCutie2_diana_rast CreepyCutie6_diana_rast CreepyCutie17_diana_rast RedQueenCC1_diana_rast

Lots of beads being made I am also taking a couple of great online Classes.  Paint and Pixels with Ivette Newport and Robin Laws and Miss Quoted with Jane Davenport and Joanne Sharpe.  Having a total blast with Miss Quoted here is my warm up.  Ink and Watercolor….


And my favorite piece done on my iPad…


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