It is the little things in Life….

I try to be happy and grateful for all I have everyday.  I wake up and go over all the things I am grateful for in the morning.  I have an amazing view from the windows in my bedroom.  The other morning I saw two river otters frolicking along the banks of the pond out back.  How awesome is that!  Today I woke up to find out that two orders I placed are arriving tomorrow!  My brand new business cards I ordered from Moo!  And a large order from Fire Mountain Gems.  Can’t wait to see my new business cards.

On the Bead front… I have been trying to get Custom orders done along with pendants for my upcoming shows.  Again I was asked to make things I was not sure I could pull off but boy was I wrong!  I am super pleased with the results!  I was asked to make a girl with a sewing machine and another with a baseball theme.  Which again goes back to believing you can and you will.



IMG_1103 IMG_1115


I was so pleased with how the sewing machine girl turned out!




Here is my Baseball themed girl for the Yankee fan.

I also did one for my Niece who recently celebrated a birthday.  She had a purple stuffed hippo that she adored as a child.  I took some liberty with the coloring on the hippo as I think it was purple/ivory… I used pink instead.  I hope it evokes beautiful memories of her childhood.

IMG_1119 IMG_1117

I have been a torching fool getting ready for my first ever big “Festival”  Here are some of the beads I have been producing…

IMG_1100 IMG_1094 IMG_1097 IMG_1090 IMG_1111  


Oh and I almost forgot I received my brand new table banner.



Okay enough rambling for the day… thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!  Oh and I have added a Subscription link to my home page.  So if you don’t want to miss anything please take a minute to subscribe and Thank you!


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  1. dizzydidi Post author

    Hi Chrissy,

    I will be at the Winthrop Arts Festival March 22nd and 23rd that is in Riverview. My next show is in Memphis TN at the Art is You Dixie Retreat. I don’t have any other shows scheduled this year but I am going to look into The Fresh Market shows. On my home page is a link to my Etsy Storefront along the right side. There is also a link to subscribe to the blog. I will have updates as soon as I have other dates.



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