If you Believe you can… it will happen!

So I get asked all the time to do Special Orders… I also get requests or ideas from other people.  Requests or ideas usually get put on the back burner until I have time at the torch.  Sometimes it takes awhile for me to think through how to do certain things.  So if you have given me an idea that I have not made it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea just that I am working through the logistics of HOW to do it in glass.  Glass does have its limits though I like to push them as much as I can.  I try never to say no to something because I grow as an artist taking on complicated designs.  Yes some fall flat but I learn more about the glass with every try win or fail.

I was asked to do a “Sleepy Time” girl with a hippo stuffed animal and hippo footies.  My initial knee jerk reaction was stuffed animal yes footies no… until I really sat down and thought about it and guess what I came up with a solution! (see previous post for picture)  So on Thursday while taking a class with Dina Wakely at Whim So Doodle  I was told by another student that if I ever made one with a Horse stuffed animal to let her know.  So instead of thinking I can’t do that… I told myself it was possible.

IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_1067

I will probably spend some time thinking how to refine it some more… I have another idea on how to do the horse.   The point is I gave it a shot and it worked.  Though I was unsure at the time I put it in the kiln….

So the Moral of this long winded blog post…. If you believe you can do it you will do it!  Maybe not on the first try… but it will happen.   So BELIEVE in yourself!  You hold more power than you think!

One thought on “If you Believe you can… it will happen!

  1. Rasty

    I have the vision… I have the strategy …. You have the patience and talent to take a dream and make it real.

    Amazing going from idea to concept, to real world.

    Keep pushing. Nothing is out of your reach…NOTHING!!!

    Amazing, talented, inspiring are words that just scrape the surface of the true potential you have to unleash on the rest of the world.

    Take us to your world, let us bask in your fantasy, move us to believe.


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