Addicted Me???? NO!!!!

Seems I am addicted to stencils lately!  My stash is growing and growing.  I have been airbrushing everything in sight.  My Art Journals are awash in bright Dye Na Flow colors.  I recently joined the Stencil Girl, Stencil Club.  Why Not Right?!  Here is the start of a Journal Page for a Round Robin I am doing.  Love the explosion of color!


On the Bead Making front….. I have been busy with Special order “Sleepy Time” girls with some Mermaids just because.  Have I told you yet that I am addicted to mermaids?  LOL well I am… Here are a few pictures of recent beads that I have made.

IMG_1049 IMG_1036 IMG_1060

If you would like to see video of me creating… I have a YouTube Channel.  Check it out.  I get told by people all the time that they had no idea how these beads were made.

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